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Boston FIT Coaches

BostonFit coaches are ready and here for you as you begin your training! Experienced and knowledgeable, these coaches will help prepare you for any race!

Erin McGrath

Head Coach - Full Marathon

Erin’s been running since 2007 and started running marathons in 2010. She started training with BostonFit for marathon number 2 in 2011, and has been coaching since 2014. Her running philosophy is that attitude is everything, and that you are your only real competition. She’s run 10 marathons and too many other races to keep track.

Scott Lennox

Head Coach - Full Marathon

Scott returned to running in 2002, 37 years after he last ran in college. He was convinced by a good friend and fellow John Hancock associate to run the 2003 Boston Marathon together through the company program. Completing the race was a life changing experience. Scott has now run 67 marathons including 40 states and 16 Boston Marathons. A RRCA certified coach, he began coaching with BostonFit as an assistant in 2008 and has been a head coach since 2011. In 2009, his daughter Beth began running and they have completed many races together including 33 marathons to date, most memorably the 2014 Boston Marathon, as well as coaching together since 2012. In 2019, he became an Abbott World Marathon Majors Six Star Finisher, having completed all 6 races with his daughter Mandy.  His greatest rewards from running and coaching have been the shared experiences with his family and the many friends he has made through the years.

Shandi Foulger

Head Coach - Half Marathon

Shandi started running in 2011 when she moved to Boston, and quickly found herself craving longer and longer distances. She found USAFit Boston in 2013, and has trained for both half and full marathons with the group. So far, she has completed 7 marathons (including one virtually), and 15 half marathons. While she loves the excitement of race day, she often finds training for a race to be more rewarding than the race itself, especially with a supportive and encouraging group like this one. This is her fifth year coaching, and she’s looking forward to helping more runners find joy in their runs and reach their goals.

Robin Dawson

Head Coach - ATP

Robin joined USAFit Boston in 2010 after moving to Boston, running with the Advanced Training Program (ATP). Robin first started running in high school and has continued to make running a part of his life. Robin started coaching the ATP group in 2012 and has helped many runners improve their marathon times, many of whom have qualified for the Boston Marathon through the ATP program. He ran his fifth Boston Marathon this year (2020 was virtual) and enjoys off-road events, competing in the USARA Nationals twice and the XTERRA East Coast Championship seven times. The extra conditioning and preparation of the ATP program is perfect for people with running experience who want to improve their marathon performance.

Aime Macdonald

Organizer & Assistant Coach

Aime has been running since the days of racing other kids at the bus stop in elementary school, later running competitively in high school and college. Upon moving to Boston for grad school, and witnessing her first marathon in person, she did what most people do (right?), signed up for her hometown race, the New York Marathon! She has completed 10 marathons, countless races of other distances, racked up some weird race bling, overcome many an injury and met amazing friends along the way! She joined Boston Fit in 2007 and has never looked back! She loves helping runners get over the limitations they put on themselves and enjoys post run meals. She has an unhealthy obsession with her favorite sports teams, enjoys singing during long runs, anything from Baby Shark (thanks Riley) to Bon Jovi, and is a proud runNerd!

Beth Lennox

Organizer & Assistant Coach

Beth has been running since 2009 when she “caught the bug” from Coach Dad. Little did she know then exactly how far (and wide) running with her father would take her, having since completed 36 marathons in 32 states. Some highlights from around the country (so far) include the Louisiana Marathon (Baton Rouge), Flying Pig Marathon (Cincinnati), Rehoboth Beach Marathon (DE), and Aspen Valley Marathon (CO). Beth is an RRCA certified coach, and in addition to coaching BostonFit she has coached the Hale Reservation Boston Marathon charity team with her father since 2013. Beth spent 2020 finding new places and routes to run around the Boston area (and the lakes region in Maine), and is looking forward to getting back to some old familiar routes with BostonFit this year!

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