Fort Bend Fit Training Programs

Training Programs

Fort Bend Fit is a training program for walkers/runners designed with the goal of completing 5Ks/10Ks, and Half and Full Marathons. Our coaches are devoted to getting you in the best shape of your life in a non-intimidating, fun, and safe environment. Upon joining, you will receive day-by-day training schedules, Saturday morning group runs, access to trained coaches, informational seminars and after earning mileage status (mid season), a Fort Bend Fit T-shirt.

Ask anyone who has completed their goal of getting in shape or finishing a half or full marathon, and I’m sure they will tell you it has truly changed his/her life. You will feel more fit, happier, and mentally much stronger; and all in a short 30 weeks.

Whether you are a couch-potato, walker, casual jogger, or marathon veteran, this marathon training program is the most enjoyable, most inspiring, and most efficient way to get in the best shape of your life. Join us!


  • The “Winter”training program will train for races beginning with several 5K/10Ks and the October Houston Half. The winter program targets the USA Fit Marathon/Half/5K, and the Houston Marathon/Half/5K, and various other winter events from December through March.
  • Meet in front of Star Cinema Grill at the corner of Hwy 6 and Dulles, do not park directly in front of the businesses. This is our “home base” for the season. Arrive 10 minutes early and bring your hydration system (bottle of water). Please note that registering for Fort Bend Fit does not include registration in a marathon. You must register separately for any races you wish to complete. Our specific training centers around the USA Fit Marathon, Fort Bend Kia Half Marathon and Simon Spine 5K, and the Chevron Houston Marathon, Aramco Half Marathon, and most other winter distance events. Several 5K races are targeted for our shorter distance members.

Our Running Training Program

  • The general format of Fort Bend Fit is as follows:
    • An organized training run each Saturday morning with a group of runners whose training pace is similar to yours. Each group is designated by a color – Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Purple, Half Marathon, and 5K/10K.
    • A seminar on training, stretching, nutrition or other related topic each Saturday after our run to help you learn the fundamentals of successfully improving your fitness. The seminars will be held after our run.
    • Lots of time for discussion with your color group members and instruction from your coaches each week before the training run.
    • A schedule of training runs to be completed each week on your own, or if you choose, with other members of your color group.

    Fort Bend Fit works because it follows the successful format of the USA Fit program, which has been refined and improved since it began in 1989. The USA Fit programs have improved the health, fitness and wellness of thousands of people each year throughout the USA, Canada and around the world. Our Fort Bend Fit Head Coaches are certified by USA Fit, and are CPR trained. Each coach has successfully completed marathons themselves. Come out and join us and see for yourself.

Advanced Training Program

  • The Advanced Training Program (ATP) was designed by Dr. Owen Anderson, one of the foremost coaches and researchers in the field of running, in conjunction with USA FIT.This program was designed specifically for those runners who want to qualify for Boston or simply want a more intense training schedule. The core training philosophy embodied in this schedule emphasizes quality over quantity, because research has shown this to be the most effective way to train. It is not recommended that runners add significantly more total miles than are on the schedule. However, runners must carry out the intensive parts of the schedule in order to compensate for a larger mileage base.The schedule is flexible, but it contains a strong backbone – a progression through general, special, specific, and explosive strength training and an intense focus on the demands of marathon running. It attempts to create the largest-possible improvements in vVO2max, lactate-threshold running speed, and running economy, as well as running-specific strength and power. These improvements are sought because they are the factors that best conform to success in marathon running.It is assumed that the “ATP” runner has been training regularly before they start the training and can run about 30 miles per week without much trouble. There are also specific exercises including a special warm up which will be preformed each week. This is a strenuous schedule if done correctly and because of that, each participant must be aware of his/her body and how he/she is feeling.This schedule will be used in conjunction with qualified coaching, and additional supplemental training materials. It is not recommended for the beginner runner.

Our Walking Training Program

The walking division of USA FIT Fort Bend is known as the Purple Group, and we are glad that you have chosen to join us!


We are proud to have a walking group and have worked hard over the last few years to create an effective walking program that will help us train safely while improving our speed and performance.

Weekly Seminars

We include seminars that pertain to both runners and walkers that will educate and inspire you. You will hear from a variety of experts on many subjects including nutrition, injury prevention, clothing, etc. We urge you to join us after each Saturday walk to learn more about these and other topics.

In Summary

We look forward to working with each you over the next six months to set and achieve your goals, whether it be a faster half marathon time or just getting off the sofa and walking! Our walkers come from all experience levels, but we all have one thing in common: to reach a fitness goal. We will be pleased to help you succeed.

Need more information about Fort Bend Fit? Contact us today!