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Summer Season

Registration is now open
Don't delay registering $125.00 Registraion closes May 1st.

USA FIT Lubbock this Season will be a season of training and growing healthy and stronger all season. Come in the shape your in because no shape is too out of shape to start with us. Bring and wear your mask during announcements and for after runs.

Walkers & Runners welcome.

USA Fit Lubbock 10 Challenges

1. Start your day with a core stretch (six motions of the spine, squats, lunges, planks. It takes less than 3 minutes)
2. Notice 10 items that nature has given us on our walk/run route
3. Dedicate your Saturday walk/run to someone
4. Walk/Run with someone that you have never walked/ran with before
5. Lose 10 Pounds
6. Add 1 healthy thing and take away 1 unhealthy thing
7. Call or write a card to 10 friends just to say "HI"
8. Be able to complete a 10 MILE walk/run (OR a distance you have NEVER Achieved before)
9. Share your fitness goal with a family member or friend
10. Give away 1 of Paul's business cards to a potential member

Summer Season

Top ten list for joining USA FIT Lubbock

#10 – Getting cool running gear
#9 – Starting your weekend off with fun, positive people
#8 – Learning that hills are not the enemy, hills are our friends
#7 – Setting a goal, following the plan, working toward the goal, achieving the goal
#6 – Having your picture made with Will Rogers and your training buddies
#5 – Overcoming minor obstacles to reach your goal
#4 – Getting a cool pair of running shoes, getting a rebate, and saving money on race entry fees
#3 – Finding out that the miles go by faster when you train with friends
#2 – Seeing others gain confidence and getting into better shape
And the #1 reason for joining USA FIT Lubbock – the friendships that you make

Target Races

Target Races will be announced soon. These are 2 that we are planning on so far.

Rock N Roll San Antonio Saturday and Sunday December 

Chevron Houston Saturday and Sunday January 

USA Fit Races

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