Too Cool to Run…Without Water!

Too Cool to Run...Without Water!

As you fill your dynamic life fully lived, run through it, with water!

Make your mess your message-READY, SET, GO!

My FuelBelt did not survive my toddler. On race morning, I could not find my FuelBelt, AGAIN. My friend’s babysitter cancelled on race morning; she packed the cooler and pushed her two girls... and my water bottle... in her stroller as we paced our Half-Marathon as a cold front came through. Cool camaraderie and comedy paced through in finest form and time!

Even though it’s cool, you’re too cool to run without your water. Cheers to doing it tired, cheerful, hot, cold, and in the present moment, stride-for-stride, as you cheerfully tick away your earned miles!

Hydration Hack: If you’re running in freezing temperatures, wear your water bottle beneath your jacket to keep it from freezing.