San Jose Fit Training Programs

Training Programs

USA Fit San Jose members are just like you. Most get involved because they know it’s time to finally get in shape, and for many, that means doing something really different in their lives. They know they have to challenge themselves to step beyond the status quo, because without some accountability and guidance, their efforts might fall flat. Some of our participants are new to running, while others have been doing this for quite some time. But no matter what the individual stories, all share one goal: to get fit and have fun doing it.

Our Running Training Program

Marathon: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red
Half Marathon: Orange

San Jose FIT’s runners form the backbone of our membership. Whether preparing for the full or the half marathon distance, runners all receive weekly educational seminars, a schedule specifically designed for their ability level, an online support forum, and more.

At the start of each season, trainees will participate in time trials to determine the placement that best matches their ability. All participants will run two miles the first week, and we’ll advance up to 21 miles by the 24th week of training. All long runs (and occasional speed work) will be done alongside members of your pace group, so no one trains alone.

The program’s general format is as follows:

  • Before each Saturday run, members will come together for the week’s announcements and to hear an educational seminar on key training topics designed to prepare runners for the rigors of this endurance sport.
  • Members participate in an organized training run each Saturday morning with runners of similar training paces. Each pace group is designated by a color: Blue/Green, Yellow, Red, or Half Marathon.
  • Weekend runs will be followed by a brief discussion about the day’s workout and instructions for the coming week.
  • Members adhere to a schedule of mid-week training runs. Those runs are built with busy lifestyles in mind, so they keep members moving toward their goals while requiring only a moderate amount of time on the road.
  • Weekly speed training sessions may be available once the group has built a sufficient training base to handle it safely and comfortably.

Our Walking Training Program

(Purple Group)

Walkers comprise an enthusiastic and growing segment of USA Fit San Jose. This group is specifically designed for people walking a 13:45 or greater pace, but the goal is the same: to help you push your personal boundaries and achieve your performance and speed goals in an encouraging, safe environment.

Walkers receive all the same benefits as runners. All athletes meet on Saturday, and as with the runners, walkers start at two miles and progress through an increasingly rigorous schedule each week until the season’s ending taper. Everyone receives the same excellent ability-based coaching, weekly educational seminars, mid-week support, and more.

Optional Training

San Jose FIT offers additional training mid-season for those wishing to run together and get a bit of an extra workout in.


6:30pm Monday hill runs start midway through the training season and continue until late September on Mondays. Hill runs help strengthen legs, increase endurance, and are just plain fun. USA Fit San Jose meets near the bathrooms at beautiful Rancho San Antonio:

22500 Cristo Rey Dr, Cupertino, CA 95014

Both experienced hill runners and new hill runners are welcome. Hill runs are divided into larger pace ranges than typical weekend runs and groups gather at all junctions to ensure nobody is left behind. Those new to hill runs are encouraged to go with a group slower than their typical weekend pace group. Some may find that they enjoy running at that pace, but some may find that they are extremely strong on the hills and move up to faster pace groups. Some runners are stronger on the hills than their weekend pace coach!

Hill runs are included in your USA Fit San Jose membership at no additional charge. Many members say that Rancho Runs are their favorite aspect of USA Fit San Jose training, so please come out and try it!

Please take care to review trail safety regarding mountain lions at Rancho HERE.

Hill walks/runs at Rancho San Antonio:  Coach Eric Lacher and Coach Georgiana Boewer

  • Date:  Mondays  beginning June 3 – September 23, 2019
  • Time:  6:30 p.mafter Labor Day, runs start at 6 p.m.
  • Meet:  At the restrooms in the lower parking lot at Rancho San Antonio OSP
  • Map:   Video on how to get there

In Case of Emergency call emergency dispatch number for Midpen Rangers at 650-968-4411.  This number is for emergency use only.  Please add this number your cell phones to report any need for emergency services while at Ranch San Antonio or any other Midpeninsula Open Spaces.

Please Note: We will be running /walking rain or shine.


San Jose Fit Track:  Coach Mark Thibert

  • Date:  Wednesdays beginning June 12 through September 25, 2019
  • Time:  6:30 p.m. after Labor Day, track starts at 6 p.m.
  • Meet:  Cupertino Middle School, 1650 Bernardo Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA.  94087
  • What to bring:  Hydration, watch

Please Note: We will be running /walking rain or shine.
The SJFit Track Program is included in the SJFit training program (no additional charge), but it is completely optional to participate.
The track workouts consist of high-intensity running intervals, supplemented with agility, strength, and flexibility activities.. Bring a watch with a seconds timer to the workouts (required)!


A strong core, from your shoulders to your hips, will improve your athletic performance, help prevent back pain and help strengthen your abs. This 60-minute class incorporates strength exercises to challenge areas from your glutes to your shoulders, helping to increase stability, functional fitness, and better walking/running posture.

As you develop core strength, your muscles become more flexible, stronger and tighter. You’ll also notice improved breathing and posture. Core class has been part of USA Fit San Jose for many years and is especially important for runners and walkers who want to run short or long distances, increase their speed, and/or maintain their stamina, while avoiding potential injuries.

We are excited to announce that Fernanda Perdomo-Arciniegas, who joined San Jose Fit in 2018 (just last year!) and found the training and people incredibly inspiring and supportive, will be your core coach this year! Fernanda never considered herself a runner but with the help of San Jose Fit, she has ran over 20 races in the last 15 months, including 9 half-marathons and two marathons! Throughout this process, she has listened to the advise of her coaches and created her own core routine to tackle her knee and hip pain. She will be sharing this routine with all of you and her passion to make you the strongest walker/runner possible! Fernanda says that if she was able to ran all those races, YOU CAN do it too!

  • Date:  TUESDAYS beginning May 21 through September 3, 2019
  • Time:  6:30-7:30 p.m.
  • Location:  Sports Basement CAMPBELL, Pruneyard Shopping Center, 1875 S Bascom Ave Suite 240, Campbell, CA 95008
  • Meet: Large meeting room front of store to the right
  • What to bring:  Yoga mat, two hand weights (1 to 5 pounds each), water, jump rope and hand towel


The Advanced Training Program (ATP) is a one of a kind, highly effective program designed by Dr. Owen Anderson, one of the foremost coaches and researchers in the field of running, in conjunction with USA FIT founder, Denis Calabrese.  It is a high-intensity circuit training program that incorporates (1) special warm ups, (2) general running strength, (3) special strength training exercises, (4) core strengthening, and (5) explosive running training. Each class ends with cool down and stretching.

  • Designed to create the largest-possible improvements in VO2 max, lactate-threshold running speed, and running economy, as well as running-specific strength and power
  • Targeted training for more experienced half and full marathoners, or less-experienced marathoners interested in making large improvements in their performance

To register, the experienced runner has to be training regularly and run about 25 miles per week or more and completed a marathon.

NOTE: this is a strenuous training program.

ATP Lite:  (open to those who have registered for ATP, led by Coach Arnon and Coach Lara)

Please Note: We will be running /walking rain or shine.

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