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Bariatric Transition Walking Group

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USAFIT Austin (Austin Fit) is organizing a Bariatric Transition Walk Group to be included in its annual training program. Linda Brown is the Chapter Director and Jeff Preston is the Bariatric Transition Walkers Coordinator. This Training Management Plan will serve as the organizational blue-print for planning, executing, monitoring/controlling, and capturing historical information for the continuance of this annual Bariatric Transition Walk Group. *Read about Jeff Preston, Austin Fit Bariatric Transition Walk Head Coach HERE!


Mission Statement

USA FIT is a training program that focuses on bringing attainable health and fitness results to the average person whether it’s a marathon, half marathon or whatever your goals maybe, we are here to work with you. We believe in your success based on your effort. 


Our goals are crystal clear: safety, fun, achievement, and above all, we strive to create an environment where authentic human connections flourish and lives are changed. 

How we Train

The program is as straightforward as its origins. Most of our members start small. Steadily and carefully, we work with them to build their mileage, fitness, and confidence until they reach their target goals. Members follow their provided training schedules independently during the week, and on the weekends, they get together for their coached long group workout and educational seminars.


To meet the needs of the bariatric community by transitioning from their previous lifestyle into a new lifestyle that ensures activity is a normal part of their everyday life routine. Eventually, the goal for the transition group is to graduate from this group and migrate into the other available Austin Fit groups whether it be our walking or running groups.  

Target Group

There are four types of individuals we are targeting for this program: Pre-Surgery, Non-Surgery, Post-Surgery, and Family/Friends.

Pre-Surgery. This group is made up of people who’ve not yet had Bariatric surgery. This will introduce them to the group and allow them to experience a LIGHT version of our weekend workout. They will have three workouts a week they will be expected to do on their own as well as Saturday workouts with the group, but their workout will be lighter as they haven’t experienced any weight loss and knees, joints, hips etc. have to be taken into consideration. Post-surgery with the doctor’s approval, they would fall into the Post-Surgery group. Keep in mind, not everyone goes through with surgery. Thus, we still have a place for these individuals.

Non-Surgery. Many people aren’t aware that Bariatric specialists have several tools in their arsenal to aid with patient weight loss. These tools can be specific diets, dietary supplements, medications to increase metabolism and appetite suppressant, and various hormone related treatments. Insurance doesn’t always cover bariatric surgery and it an expense not everyone can afford. Thus, patients have to look at these non-surgical options. These individuals cover a wide range body types and obesities. 

Post-Surgery. These are individuals that have had some form of Bariatric surgery including Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Duodenal Switch, and Lap band surgery. These individuals are people who often lose in excess of 100 pounds over a short period of time. Because of this, they will adapt more easily to workouts that increase in duration and aerobic activity over time.

Family and Friends. This is a target audience that is often overlooked. This group is comprised of family and friends from the three groups listed above. Most individuals above are nervous, scared, and would typically be more comfortable if accompanied by a friend for family member. Attending group activities like this can be overwhelming and intimidating especially if you feel like you’re the “Fat Person” in the group. Having a friend or family member along helps to relieve that stress. Additionally, they can join along and experience the same life changing experience. Thus, transitioning family/friends from a sedentary lifestyle to an active lifestyle. In this way all will benefit from healthier living.

Registration fees. The average registration fee for Austin Fit summer and fall 6-month training programs for the Bariatric Transition Walk Group is $135. *The spring program training sessions range from 8 to 15-weeks. The registration fee for spring is $105.

Members who register after week 5, receive a prorated registration fee for the current training season.

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