Austin Fit Jump Start Training Program

Jump Start Training Group

Not ready to jump into a half or full marathon training program?

Ease into your training with the Austin FIT jump start program. The jump start program will walk or run varied mileage (not to exceed six miles), participate in drills, core exercises, and stretches.

After week five, stay with the jump start group or move into the half or full marathon training groups. The jump start group will not exceed six miles throughout the entire season training.

Coach Linda

Meet your Austin Fit Jump Start/10K Head Coach.
The Jump Start program includes the summer and fall programs. The spring program includes 10k training, but not the entirety of the jump start program.
The Jump Start program is for a range of running goals and abilities. Whether you want to establish a running lifestyle, overcome an injury, increase from the 5K to the 10K distance, or dial things back to a strong running base, this is the group for you. As your coach, I will get to know each of you and your goals.
For the first 6 weeks, we will focus on establishing a base, strengthening muscles and learning your pace.  We start with two miles and then increase mileage in a graduated fashion.
A typical Saturday may look like this:
  • Dynamic stretch
  • Run / possible demonstration on the run
  • Core and Strength work
  • Static stretch
This group is also a good place for anyone who needs a rest week or easier comeback after being out sick before rejoining the half or full.

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