Austin FIT – Chapter Coaches SPRING

Austin FIT Spring Coaches

Austin FIT coaches are ready and here for you to being your training! For any program or season, these coaches will help prepare you for any race!

Coach Sandy

SPRING HEAD COACH (9:00 - 9:29)

Fun Facts:

  • Years Running: 20+
  • Years with Austin Fit: 10+
  • Number of Half Marathons: 13+
  • Favorite Race: Diva Race Half Marathon in VAIL
  • Goal: Complete Texas Tri Series and 6 half marathons in one season
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Coach Victor



  • Years Running: 17
  • Number of Marathons- 2  Austin Full Marathon 2014 and Marine Corps Marathon 2015
  • Number of Half Marathons: 16
  • Favorite Races: 3M Half Marathon, Run For the Water 10 Miler and Marine Corps Marathon
  • Favorite Distance: Half Marathon
  • My Goal: To share my passion of running with others and help them to achieve their running goals. To maybe run one more marathon by age 60.

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I started running while serving in the Marine Corps and quit running when my tour of duty ended., I took up running again in 2007 for therapy and to get healthier. Throughout this running journey, I have achieved what I sent out to do and  now wish to share my passion to help reach their goals. I feel that running for a goal should be both challenging as well as fun. It,\'s about getting it done and the camaraderie that comes with it.

Coach Marzi

SPRING HALF MARATHON (10:00 - 10:29)


  • Years with Austin Fit: 6
  • Half marathon: 11
  • Full marathon: 2
  • Ultra: 1
  • Favorite Race: Doublin Half
  • Goal: Do a race ( either half or full) in every state .

Marzi's story begins with a challenge from a friend ....1000 mile in a year ...challenge accepted !! She did that in 2016! She also joined Austin Fit in 2016 and haven’t stopped since! Marzi maintains,  she's now addicted.

Coach Darnell


Years running: 14 
Number of Marathons: 2 Marathon and 7 Obstacle Course races 
Number of Half Marathons:  10+
Favorite Race: Golden Gate Half 
Dream: Run a Half in every state and run a few iconic sceneries globally

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Darnell and his wife Abigail aka Pickles loves to stay fit all year round. They both joined the USA FIT program in 2017 to meet their fitness goals and also help motivate others.   

Darnell motivates others by reciting affirmations as they hit challenging hills and during long runs. Darnell realize many years ago that our mind is our greatest source of power and once you know how to tap into that power you can achieve the impossible.   

So if you ever fill down or need a self-pep talk during long challenging runs, say to yourself “I Am the Power!”😉💥


Coach KJ

SPRING HALF MARATHON (11:00 - 11:29)

Kj started running in middle school to get in shape for basketball season. She lived in rural Montana at the time so the neighbors frequently stopped to ask her if she needed a ride. As time went on, she continued running and the neighbors are used to seeing her. Now when she visits Montana they wave as they drive by her, shaking their heads wondering why anyone would run when they have a perfectly good horse. She has continued running and made it a lifelong practice because she loves to be outside. She continued increasing her mileage until she had run six marathons, scores of Half Marathons and completed a Half Ironman. Running is her favorite way to explore the trails and the neighborhoods around Austin and around the world. 

Coach Laura


  • Years Running: 20+
  • Number of Marathons - 3 Austin Full Marathons
  • Number of Half Marathons: 10+
  • Favorite Races: Decker Half Marathon, 3M Half Marathon, Rockin’ Resolution, and Austin Marathon
  • Favorite Distance: Marathon

My Goal: To get to meet other people who also enjoy the benefits from endurance.  I began running very young, but after school I realised that running doesn’t have to be about speed - they can be about feeling better.  The experience of others helps when preparing for races and goals.  Now, I get to enjoy getting to know the people running next to me, running in different parts of Austin, and hearing their stories.

Coach Cheryl

Spring Half Marathon (12:00 to 13:00)


  • Years Running: 14
  • Years with Austin Fit: 13
  • Marathons:   1
  • Half Marathons: 39
  • Favorite Distance: Half Marathon
  • Favorite Race:3M Half Marathon
  • Goal: to run with friends - old and new
  • to be able to continue to run until I’m 100
  • to get another marathon under my belt
Fourteen years ago I signed up for a half marathon to commemorate a milestone birthday with my good friends Kathleen and Theresa - and we still run together today!  After running that half marathon (and training poorly!) I was introduced to the then-coach of  the summer Austin Fit program at that time.  I signed up - and I’ve never left!  I love the camaraderie and fellowship of Austin Fit.  The Austin Fit folks are fabulous and the training solid!  Saturdays are a highlight of my week - lots of miles, lots of smiles - and lots of breakfast tacos after, ha!   I’m looking forward to the training and friendships this next season will bring.

Coach David

Jump Start/10K program


  • Years Running:  5+
  • Number of Half Marathons:  3
  • Number of Full Marathons: 4
  • Favorite Race Distance: Half Marathon

David has been with Austin Fit (AF) for 5 years.  Training with AF has prepared him to complete 4 full and 3 half marathons.  His favorite distance is half marathon. In addition, training with AF helped me develop my physical endurance that he needed when he picked up cycling (completed four MS 150).

David stopped running for 7 years (due to injuries) and made a comeback to AF in the fall of 2021.  Because he had not been running, he decided to joined AF’s 10k/Jump Start training program.  David maintains that this program was just what he needed to get back into running.  He states, “The program is perfect if you haven’t been running, stopped running due to injury or want to train for a 10k.”  The program is a slow paced, low interval (run/walk) training that helps you with that jumpstart you may need to get (back) into running.


Coach Dave

Spring Head Coach for the Walking Program (18 to 20)


  • My name is Dave and I have been walking with Austin Fit for 3 yrs. As a former NCAA Division I collegiate athlete, I have been involved in many type of exercise and athletic activities throughout by life. Swimming, diving, cycling, weightlifting, volleyball, tennis and walking are just a few.Read MoreI was never a good runner, even when I was much younger. I resisted the idea of “walking” because I never had a good experience running. I finally gave it a chance I have fallen in love with it. As I’ve gotten older and some of the activities I used to do have become more challenging, I found walking to be something I can do easily and really embrace. If you had said to me in the beginning that I would do a half marathon, I would have laughed out loud. But, I did that this past year for the first time and it was a huge accomplishment I never expected to achieve. Walking with Austin Fit has allowed me to get out and explore areas of Austin I’ve never seen before. The walk group has an awesome and diverse team of people that make each outing a pleasure. We support each person’s journey and look forward to having you join us.

Coach Lizet

Spring Walking Program (14 plus)

Lizet started running late in life after being urged by friends to enter the lottery for the New York Marathon with them. After much convincing, she reluctantly agreed to enter the lottery on the last day since never in her wildest imagination did she think she would get in. To her surprise and dismay, she did! Although she played sports while in school, she never considered running easy for her. So, she trained on her own and had a great experience on her first marathon. Afterwards, she joined Austin Fit and has completed several marathons and half marathons over 11 years. For the first time, she began coaching a walking group in the Spring of 2021.

Coach Paula

Spring Walking Program


  • Half Marathons 16
  • Austin 10/20 (10 mile) 5
  • Distance Challenge 5
  • Goals: Keep walking and make new friends
I began walking with AustinFit in 2009. I wanted to get moving by walking with a group and train for the Austin Half Marathon. Through the walking program, I became more fit and made some lifelong friends. We met each Saturday morning and planned social activities as well. Austin Fit makes it easier to walk the long distances because I know my walking friends will be there for me each Saturday.