What Color Group Am I?

What Color Group Am I? Green, Yellow, Red or Purple?

In the past, Portland Fit has used color groups to designate paces for our long runs & walks on Saturdays. The weekly schedule had slightly longer workouts for “faster” color groups. However, your pace does not necessarily match experience, goals or current fitness. Compare a fast, novice runner, training for their first half/full marathon, versus an experienced but slower marathoner, who does 1-2 marathons per year for the last 5-10 years.

We will still have pace groups for the Saturday run/walks, and encourage you to stay together for comeraderie. During the week, consider doing the workouts that best match your current fitness and experience, rather than your pace:


Novice Runners (have run fewer than 2 (half-)marathons). Also appropriate for Intermediate or Experienced Runners returning from time off or injury. Later in the season, track workouts are distance-based, and are best done on a track or flat surface with a GPS watch.


Intermediate Runners (have run 2-5 marathons before), with no recent injuries. The weekday runs are longer than Red, but shorter than Green. Track workouts are distance-based.


Experienced Runners (5+ previous marathons), no recent injuries, and currently running at least 4 days a week. Saturday and weekday runs are longer than Yellow's. Track workouts are distance-based.


All skill levels for Walkers and Interval Walk/Runners

If you have questions about which schedule you should be following, just ask a Red Hat (Coach or Assistant Coach) on Saturday!