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Spring USA FIT Albuquerque is a 14-week program designed to get a beginning runner ready to finish a 5K or an experienced runner ready to run a 5K, 10K or Half Marathon, or just to get in shape for the summer running season. The program runs from January until May, ending with our Goal Race - Run for the Zoo.

Summer USA FIT Albuquerque is a 21-week program designed to get a beginning runner ready to finish a 10K or an experienced runner ready to run a 10K, Half  or Full Marathon, or just to get in shape. The program runs from June until October, ending with our Goal Race - Duke City Marathon.

WHO SHOULD JOIN? USA FIT Albuquerque is perfect for anyone who has the desire to challenge themselves, wants to exercise, make new friends, increase their body strength and stamina, look and feel better, or simply to get involved in the healthy lifestyle sport of running. All fitness levels are welcome: from couch potato to experienced runner.


  • technical fabric program shirt
  • group workouts and coaching
  • individual training plans
  • weekly seminars
  • discussion board on our Facebook page
  • camaraderie
  • purchasing benefits at our local sponsors and partners
  • social events and more!

Summer Training begins with On-Site Registration:
(Online Registration Now Open)

Saturday, June 3, 2023 • 7:30am

Alameda Bosque Trail Parking Space MAP

May 2021



  • Review road rules- run against traffic, stop at lights, eye contact w/drivers
  • Cell phone - carry phone for emergencies!  Use a cell phone holder – arm or waist band
  • Shoe tag - EBF tag for emergency contact-it’s also reflective
  • Road ID can add important medical info-allergies/etc - for wrist, shoe, or neck tag
  • Dusk/Dawn/night use head lamp, use reflective gear
  • Sunscreen even when not hot
  • Music is motivating, but when outside be able to hear and stay alert to your surroundings
  • Not feeling well?  Neck rule - above the neck ok to run, below the neck take a day off


  • Bodyglide – use it to prevent skin chaffing
  • Don’t over-dress –you'll heat up during run - dress for 20 degrees warmer than current temp
  • Socks – not cotton READ Labels
  • Feet – prevent blisters - use Aquaphor / Vaseline / keep toenails short
  • Running clothes - check for seams inside that might rub.  Read labels
  • Technical fabric, moisture wicking such as “dry fit” “coolmax” “dry max”
  • Men use Bodyglide on nipples - most common chaffing area for male runners
  • Compression wear – when needed but not as a crutch
  • Visor / Hat – good for eye protection, but be careful - we release heat from top of head

 Additional reading:

Street Smarts: Safety Tips For Runners



Race Expo

  • Must go to pick up bib, packet, and shirt
  • Don't sample NEW things that cause upset
  • Don't spend lots of timing walking around, stay off your feet


  • Stay off feet as much as possible, relax
  • Stay hydrated - sip sip sip
  • Bigger meal at lunch, simple carbs lite protein at dinner, not spicy
  • Sleep but if you can't, don't sweat it

Checking in a bag

  • Disposable water bottle to sip at start
  • Bar and/or banana to have before start
  • Flip Flops/Sandal or shirt to change into
  • Damp wash cloth in plastic baggy to wipe face etc after race
  • No valuables in checked bag

Race Day BEFORE the race

  • Your usual routine!  Nothing new
  • Eat breakfast, if you can't stomach it, bring it along and try again
  • Hydrate!
  • Better to leave early and have time for lines at porta-potty and to turn in checked bag
  • Meet EBF at indicated location before going into wave corrals


  • Aid stations - how to take the cup and drink-  make eye contact, point to the cup, take cup, squeeze cup together to drink easier, don’t drop excess onto ground where others are running!
  • Walk breaks - move to the side before slow/stop

Race execution

  • Pacing is everything – control race day excitement, easy at first
  • Avoid spiking heart rate on hills or pace / only one box of matches
  • Stick to your plan!  But…
  • Be prepared to alter your plan, especially in later miles
  • Segmentation - 1 mile, half mile, quarter mile, that light pole
  • FIX it now, not later


  • Enjoy the day - take it all in
  • Know the reason you are doing this
  • Have a mantra, or a word, a phrase
  • “The Wall” – walls have windows and doors, go through!  It will pass!

Post Race

  • Get some fuel back in your system soon after crossing finish
  • Protein, choc milk - start the recovery process
  • Meet up with team if you want
  • Enjoy your accomplishment!

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