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Cypress FIT coaches are ready and here for you to being your training! For any program or season, these coaches will help prepare you for any race!

Wendy Riley

Organizer - RRCA Certified & Hill Work Coach

I have always been a fairly active person with a background in dance, aerobics, and weight training. Until I started with USAFit Cypress, running was not my exercise of choice. Luckily, a friend asked me if I wanted to join USA Fit Cypress. She shared with me about the comradery, educational seminars, race medals, and socials, so I decided to give it a try.

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Robyn Stout

Organizer and Pace Coach

Running became my exercise of choice later in my life.  It is convenient as it can be done most anywhere without need for a gym membership.  I was not confident in the beginning, but have grown in knowledge and so much more with USA Fit.  I am a physical therapist with some didactic knowledge of exercise physiology, anatomy, biomechanics and the like.  I can now say I have “walked the walk” as a runner who has experienced the fatigue, the cramping, the mental game of a long race, the discomfort of speed work as well as the camaraderie of a group, the support of running and walking friends as well as the fun we have together.  I hope to support, encourage and be part of the running journey of fellow USA Fit members as an organizer and assistant coach.

Dinah McMichaels

Pace Coach - Purple Half Marathon Group

Growing up I never considered myself an athlete. It wasn’t until college that I started to focus on my physical and mental health by exploring sports. I became a certified GroupX instructor and especially enjoyed teaching dance classes. For years I enjoyed endurance sports through running, riding bikes and triathlons. Over time I ran into some health issues and my doctor recommended that I back off races in lieu of activities that put less stress on your system.

When the Covid-19 pandemic happened, I knew I needed to find a way to get back outside and get moving. Finding USA Fit Cypress was my saving grace through such a stressful season of life. This group helped me fall in love with running again! CyFit has some of the most kind and genuine people you will meet. There’s a group where anyone can find a home. If you are nervous about getting started, just give it a try. You’ll be amazed at what your body can accomplish through consistent training over time and I promise you will find some laughter you can find along the way!

Mimi Nguyen

Assistant Coach – Red Full Marathon

I used to hate running!  I would marvel at my coworker when she told me that she runs 3 miles around Memorial Park 3 days during the week and 6-9 miles on Saturdays.  I never imagined that I could run 3 miles let alone a marathon. Little by little I started to run with some of my coworkers. The most I ran was a few 10K races.

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Ramona Lauterbach

Assistant Coach - Orange Full Marathon

My childhood was dedicated to gymnastics. In high school, however, I found the love for running. I used to be a fast runner, unbeatable fast😊. Due to other priorities, however, I stopped running after college many years ago.

One of my goals, when I moved to this community, was to start running again. I do not like running alone; it had to be in a group. I found CyFit three years ago through the communities Facebook page. One of the organizers, Donya, touched base with me after she read my post requesting information about a running group and provided details. I decided to join without knowing what to expect. I remember how tense and insecure I was felt my first day. Well, the heartwarming welcome of the CyFit coaches and members made me return and continue my running journey, with what I call today my CyFit family. Thanks to the great coaching, I was able in the shortest time to sign up and run several half marathons. My Saturday’s motivation is the early wake up to join the group for a run, great communication and laughter!

Janet Laurell Assistant Coach

Janet Laurell

Assistant Coach - Red Half Coach

I ran 5Ks for a long time until a friend convinced me that doing a half marathon would be a great idea. I signed up for the 2005 Aramco Houston Half, downloaded a training schedule, and did all my distances on the three mile loop in Memorial Park all by myself. I survived it so I signed up for the full marathon for 2006.

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Shannon Sucato Assistant Coach

Shannon Sucato

Assistant Coach - Red Half Group

I have always been relatively active and enjoyed playing all kinds of sports as a kid, especially volleyball.  Running was never my passion, but more of something I had to do as part of my sports training.  As I got older, I started running more and participated in several 5ks and 10ks in my 20s and early 30s.  In 2010, my sister (who had just given birth to twins the year before!) trained for a half marathon through USA FIT Houston.  I was so inspired by her journey that I decided I wanted to do it too!

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Summer Rivenbark

Assistant Coach - Red Half Group

My love for running started when I was in Jr. High and High School. The longest distance I ran at that time was the 400 meter dash. I decided my junior year to trade my running shoes for dance shoes and quit doing track for drill team but the love of running was still in me. After I graduated, I started running again for weight control and got hooked!

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Betty Gu Assistant Coach

Betty Gu

Assistant Coach - Red Half Marathon

I started running about eight years ago when a friend of mine talked me into finally joining a gym. I hadn’t exercised for as long as I could remember, so all the group exercises seemed challenging to me, not to mention those intimidating weight machines. For the first few weeks, I felt a bit overwhelmed.

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Stella Pangilinan

Assistant Coach - Orange Half Marathon

Finally, I found the best running group in Houston! I have been with two running clubs since 2012 but Cypress Fit is incomparable. Here in CyFit we treat each other not just as running mates but as family/friend.

When we moved to Bridgeland in late 2018, the first thing I looked for was the running club which I heard is one of the best in Cypress.

Come Nature Fest of Spring of 2019, with no hesitation, I approached the stand that says, “USA Fit Cypress” but I can’t remember why I did not sign up right there.

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