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About the Training

Welcome to USA Fit D.C.! We are a group of training partners and friends preparing together for the Marine Corps Marathon and/or the Baltimore Running Festival both in October. Even if you’ve never run a step before, training with our group will help you conquer mental and physical barriers you never thought possible. It happens all the time. Please join us in training for….

  • Marine Corps Marathon
  • Marine Corps Marathon 10K
  • Baltimore Running Festival – Marathon
  • Baltimore Running Festival – Half Marathon
  • Baltimore Running Festival – 5K
  • Walker – Fitness & Compitition
  • Runner – Fitness

We start wherever you are. Couch potato? Seasoned marathoner? Great. No matter what your conditioning or pace, there will be others to train with. Over the course of 5 short months, our coaches will help achieve your personal best in a non-intimidating, fun, and safe environment.

24 weeks isn’t that long a time when you’re among friends all working toward a common goal. But the even greater benefit is what happens when you conquer your own personal challenges. Our members are fitter, happier, and mentally stronger than they’ve ever been before. Through this training, people change their lives forever. Come on and join us!

We’re saving you a spot.

As a member of USA FIT DC you'll receive:

Ability-based Saturday morning group runs

Daily training schedules to keep you progressing during the week

Encouragement and expertise from trained coaches

Weekly informational seminars on running-related topics

Camaraderie and social events

A USA FIT DC technical T-shirt

A Note from Our Coaches

As we have mentioned there is something for everyone. We do entertain runners and walkers of all levels and abilities.

If you are one of those who used to run and want to get back into it or want to become faster and more efficient then we recommend that you join our Team Fit Group.

If you just walk or are a virtual beginner we have our Red Group. It’s a Walking Program that will help you train to walk a half marathon (13.2 miles). For those of you who are into distance training we have the marathon and half marathon programs.

Still sitting on the fence?

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to perform a seemingly difficult task, when you are part of a group working together to achieve a common end result? A goal? There are so many things we do in our lives, that are just so much easier when we have a partner beside us to keep us accountable day-after-day, week-after-week. Pretty soon the action develops in to a habit and we wonder why we waited so long to “take the plunge.” Endurance training is exactly like that. So many folks try to do it on their own, only to find that keeping motivated can be very difficult when the end goal seems so distant and insurmountable. Pretty soon they find that’s it’s just not fun anymore, they don’t look forward to it, and they start to question why they’re doing it at all. Am I speaking to you?

USA FIT DC is totally different. One of our core principles is to Have Fun. If it’s not fun, who in their right mind would want to continue? And we make it easy to know what you need to do next. No trying to build training schedules or calculating training days versus rest days. We do it all for you.

Come see why so many have succeeded with this program, and how so many participants have gone on to achieve things they never knew they were capable of. When we say it will Change Your Life, we mean. And it doesn’t mean you have to suffer to get there.

How to Register

Head on over to our Registration Page Click Here and get committed to your goals. Taking the first step is that simple, we’ll be there for each of the steps thereafter.

Stay Connected

The newsletter is our main form of information and communications during the week. To be informed, you have to subscribe.

Get Someone to Register With You

Do you know that one individual who’s given a training program some thought at some point, but keeps putting it off until “The time is right.” Encourage them to register with you. Bonus: Built in training partner every Saturday, and maybe even during the week.

See you soon,
Coaches Chris and Trevan

About Our Parent Company

USA Fit is a marathon and half-marathon training company that focuses on bringing attainable results to the average person. We work with runners and walkers, beginners and experienced marathoners. We believe there is hope for everyone who is willing to put in the effort. Bring us your out of shape, your tired, your sluggish and our coaches will bring them to the finish line.

While we began as a marathon and half-marathon training program, we continue to evolve to meet the needs of our members. We’ve incorporated a variety of training distances and intensities, so as people master one level, there’s always a place to which they can grow. Likewise, we offer walking and Couch-to-5K options to those just starting out with endurance sports.

When we started USA FIT in 1989, marathoning was still considered a fairly extreme sport by many. There was a real need in the running community to teach people — regular folks like you and me — how to train safely and effectively. We wanted to prove that this seemingly insurmountable challenge was within the reach of virtually anyone. So on a whim, two young runners passed out flyers and met at a Houston-area park on Saturday morning. It was in the good company of a gaggle of scared but curious couch potatoes that USA FIT was born.

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