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Kingwood FIT coaches are ready and here for you to being your training! For any program or season, these coaches will help prepare you for any race!

Marilyn Weakley

Assistant Coach - Purple

I decided to run a marathon when I saw a billboard advertising “Want to change your life? Run a marathon!” Since I was approaching a “significant” birthday, I took them up on it and joined Northwest Houston Fit in 1997. At that time, I was unable to complete the 3 mile time trial and was “encouraged” to start with the walking group and, as I improved, to move up to the running group. Instead, walking became my passion. I never “moved up” to the running group and in 1998 completed my first full marathon. When Kingwood Fit was organized in 2006, I was ecstatic to join! Not only did walking marathons change my life, it also enabled me to make lifelong friends. As an assistant coach, I am able to share my passion for and love of walking with others.

Mike Martin

Assistant Coach - Red

Hello – My name is Michael Martin, and have been a part of Kingwood Fit since 2008.  Through the encouragement of my son, I joined Kingwood fit, expecting not to last very long with the training program because I felt I was just not built to run.  The first week I ran 3 miles, failure seemed certain, out of breath and out of shape. The second week I ran I could almost keep up with the rest of the group. This is when I found out running was a team sport and that the other runners were not my competitors, they were my teammates. They helped me to improve my running abilities and encouraged me to stay with it. My running has improved and I have now finished five Half Marathons and look forward to running many more. My experience as a 5-1 coach has been great, and I fully expect this year to be the same. I love encouraging other runners and getting them to believe in themselves too. I am not a talented runner or athlete by no means, but I have found that with a commitment to keep running, success is inevitable.

Jim Surratt

Assistant Coach - Marathon Group

This is my sixth season with Kingwood Fit and my first as a coach. I started running about one year before my first year with Kingwood fit in 2007. I began with the goal of running the 2008 YMCA Bridgefest 5k and unfortunately I injured myself shortly before that race because I did not know how to train properly (yes, even for a 5k). After that first difficult race, I decided to give Kingwood Fit try later that year to see if I could see better results with a training program. I could not have been happier with my training that first year. I completed my first marathon with the help and encouragement from the great coaches and new running friends. I have ten marathon “finishes”, completed many shorter road and trail runs, four 50Ks and a 50 mile trail runs; with many more to come!

I’m looking forward to helping you meet your running goals this year!

Cathy Bellnap

Head Coach - Purple

I have been part of the Kingwood Fit walking group for the past 4 years and am excited to start my 5th year as a Coach. When my kids were little I used to see the Kingwood Fit group meeting at the YMCA. I once asked someone what they were doing and they responded with “training for the marathon”. I replied back with, “that is something I will NEVER say!” Little did I know…

I set a goal to finish a marathon before I turned 40 and with the help of my coaches and my other team mates I am very proud to be able to say I have completed 2 full marathons and 4 half marathons since joining Kingwood Fit. The morning walks, although early, have proven to be very rewarding and I look forward to them all week. I look forward to seeing you out there!

Change your life….walk a marathon!

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