Coach Samantha

Thanks to Austin FIT for everything, and for all of the coaches and friends who have made it special.

by Samantha Alden

Hi there! 
My name is Samantha Alden. I moved to Austin just a few months ago and am still trying to find my way. I have two children, Josh and Charlie. I am very much about family. We spend most of our time on a golf course, tennis court, boat or running (running is first for me) My family love to bike with me while I run. I love when they push me or keep me going when my brain try’s to give up!  

I am a physical therapist by training and am also trained as a Physician Assistant. I have worked with my husband, who is an Orthopedic surgeon, for many years. It's been a fun journey this far.

I grew up running in England, I ran for England, under 18s,  in the 800 meters and the mile. I was a sponsored athlete for quite sometime, until I had an unfortunate car accident. It kept me off the track for a while and from there I never really got it back. I fell in love with the half marathon and marathon distance and have done pretty well over the years.

Now, I spend most of my time supporting my kids to be the best possible students and athletes they can be, so the spot light is on them! However, I still put together about 50+ miles per week. Typically, the miles have no rhyme nor reason, I just run and I love it.

I LOVE helping beginners, intermediate and advanced runners reach their goals. This is the ultimate reward and I have shed a lot of finish line tears watching people accomplish their goals. Whatever your goal in life, if you have the right people supporting you, you will reach it. There may be days you feel like giving up, but that will not happen on my watch.

No matter what level of runner you are, having the support of someone who  believes  in YOU and what YOU can accomplish, makes our journey fun…… I hope to be a part of your goals and success. Remember, running is as much metal as anything else and my coach used to tell me “your mind will give in long before your body” Cheers  to many miles together  xoxo Sam!