Final Race Preparation Notes

Final Race Preparation Notes

Race Expo

  • Must go to pick up bib, packet, and shirt
  • Don't sample NEW things that cause upset
  • Don't spend lots of timing walking around, stay off your feet


  • Stay off feet as much as possible, relax
  • Stay hydrated - sip sip sip
  • Bigger meal at lunch, simple carbs lite protein at dinner, not spicy
  • Sleep but if you can't, don't sweat it

Checking in a bag

  • Disposable water bottle to sip at start
  • Bar and/or banana to have before start
  • Flip Flops/Sandal or shirt to change into
  • Damp wash cloth in plastic baggy to wipe face etc after race
  • No valuables in checked bag

Race Day BEFORE the race

  • Your usual routine!  Nothing new
  • Eat breakfast, if you can't stomach it, bring it along and try again
  • Hydrate!
  • Better to leave early and have time for lines at porta-potty and to turn in checked bag
  • Meet EBF at indicated location before going into wave corrals


  • Aid stations - how to take the cup and drink-  make eye contact, point to the cup, take cup, squeeze cup together to drink easier, don’t drop excess onto ground where others are running!
  • Walk breaks - move to the side before slow/stop

Race execution

  • Pacing is everything – control race day excitement, easy at first
  • Avoid spiking heart rate on hills or pace / only one box of matches
  • Stick to your plan!  But…
  • Be prepared to alter your plan, especially in later miles
  • Segmentation - 1 mile, half mile, quarter mile, that light pole
  • FIX it now, not later


  • Enjoy the day - take it all in
  • Know the reason you are doing this
  • Have a mantra, or a word, a phrase
  • “The Wall” – walls have windows and doors, go through!  It will pass!

Post Race

  • Get some fuel back in your system soon after crossing finish
  • Protein, choc milk - start the recovery process
  • Meet up with team if you want
  • Enjoy your accomplishment!