Running Safety & Apparel Notes

Running Safety & Apparel Notes

As you fill your dynamic life fully lived, run through it, with water!


  • Review road rules- run against traffic, stop at lights, eye contact w/drivers
  • Cell phone - carry phone for emergencies!  Use a cell phone holder – arm or waist band
  • Shoe tag - EBF tag for emergency contact-it’s also reflective
  • Road ID can add important medical info-allergies/etc - for wrist, shoe, or neck tag
  • Dusk/Dawn/night use head lamp, use reflective gear
  • Sunscreen even when not hot
  • Music is motivating, but when outside be able to hear and stay alert to your surroundings
  • Not feeling well?  Neck rule - above the neck ok to run, below the neck take a day off


  • Bodyglide – use it to prevent skin chaffing
  • Don’t over-dress –you'll heat up during run - dress for 20 degrees warmer than current temp
  • Socks – not cotton READ Labels
  • Feet – prevent blisters - use Aquaphor / Vaseline / keep toenails short
  • Running clothes - check for seams inside that might rub.  Read labels
  • Technical fabric, moisture wicking such as “dry fit” “coolmax” “dry max”
  • Men use Bodyglide on nipples - most common chaffing area for male runners
  • Compression wear – when needed but not as a crutch
  • Visor / Hat – good for eye protection, but be careful - we release heat from top of head

 Additional reading:

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Hydration Hack: If you’re running in freezing temperatures, wear your water bottle beneath your jacket to keep it from freezing.