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Reno FIT Coaches

Reno FIT coaches are ready and here for you to being your training! For any program or season, these coaches will help prepare you for any race!

Taylor Morgan

Head Coach - Running Coach/Organize/ Part-Time Ninja

Taylor started running distance in the 7th grade by accident by showing up for the cross country team but thinking the meeting was for another sport…and was confused as to why everyone was running so far. But it didn’t matter and he was soon hooked. Since then, Taylor has finished 13 marathons and too many to count half-marathons. In 2013 he made simultaneously the best, and worst decision of his life- to sign up for the Tahoe Triple, which consisted three consecutive marathons in three days, running a lap around Lake Tahoe for a total distance of 78.6 miles. His favorite marathons for lacing up the running shoes have been Big Sur and New York. He loves to talk about running, and is excited to be a part of USA Fit to share his experience and knowledge with others. You can find him out on the running trail with his dog Scully, who also loves to run but often gets distracted by ducks and squirrels

Jeremy Stocking

Head Coach - Running Coach/Organizer/ All Around Swell Guy

Jeremy has always been an athlete, but his love of running started in 2009. Jeremy has completed many races including the CIM and Chicago marathons. He is pleased to join USA fit Reno as a coach and mentor and continues to push himself to exceed expectations for the Tahoe half marathon. He takes a personal interest in this organization because they cater to runners of all levels and help each one meet and exceed their goals. Jeremy is in the center of picture on left, with Taylor and Heidi, taken at the finish line of the Chicago Marathon.

Heidi Howden

Head Coach - Walking Coach with the Gift of Gab

Heidi started walking regularly over 20 years ago and trained to “walk” the Nike Women’s Marathon. When she figured out she wouldn’t make the cut-off walking, she ended up running more of the marathon than walking even though her training did not include any running. From there she started running and has completed the Nike, CIM and Chicago Marathons, Big Sur 22 miler, Tahoe 20 miler, Tahoe Trifecta (three half marathons in three days) and over 25 half marathons. She is a yearly participant of the Silver State Half, Rock Tahoe Half, Reno Tahoe Odyssey 178-mile relay race and Ragnar Tahoe. In 2017, she scaled back her running to return to walking, hiking, and road biking to stay active. She loves to see people exceed their expectations of what they think they can achieve and to offer support along the way.


Assistant Coach - Running, Walking, and Duck Chasing Coach

Scully will be glad to help you achieve your goals. He is an experienced runner who will be glad to accompany with you on your walk or run, but might try to eat your running gloves. A veteran of many “Jog for Your Dog” races, his PR in these races is unknown as he usually gets distracted by small furry creatures, treats, and shiny things.

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