Reno Fit Sponsors

Reno Fit Sponsors

Our sponsors help Reno FIT to create the best training programs and experience for you! We thank them for all that they do for us!

Eclipse Running

Founded by Chuck Martin in 1994, Eclipse Running aims to provide its customers a wealth of information on all things running and specializes in customized shoe-fitting for a healthy, safe, and enjoyable running experience. Eclipse Running has also been dedicated to finding the correct footwear, clothing, accessories and food for the runner, walker, swimmer and triathlete. You can find Eclipse Running at 3438 Lakeside Drive at the northeast corner of Lakeside and Moana in Reno, NV.

Hammer Nutrition

Hammer Nutrition is an endurance sports nutrition company founded in 1987 by Brian Frank. Hammer Nutrition provides unparalleled products, knowledge and service to health conscious athletes all over the world. Over the years the product line has grown from fuels & supplements to now include clothing, body care products, EMS units, accessories and more.

Fuel Belt

FuelBelt, Inc. is the world leader in hydration belts and accessories. Founded in 1997 by 7-time Ironman World Championship participant, Vinu Malik, FuelBelt continues to evolve to serve the needs of endurance athletes to provide real performance inspired gear.

FuelBelts have been used to break world records, set personal bests, and have even been used at the Olympic world stage, where every effort and every second counts.
With more than 100 products available, FuelBelt offers the most innovative and broadest collection of technical gear for runners, cyclists and triathletes in the world.

FuelBelt is the hydration brand of choice for USA FIT.

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