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East Bay FIT Coaches

East Bay FIT coaches are ready and here for you to begin your training! For any program or season, these coaches will help prepare you for any race!

Kevin Morris

Organizer / Head Coach

Kevin has been a runner for many years and joined East Bay Fit in 2007 to train for his first full marathon. Since then he has run many more marathons, ultra marathons, and completed triathlons of all distance from sprint to full Ironman. Kevin is now the Organizer for East Bay Fit; hoping to help others achieve their running goals. Kevin is a RRCA Certified Running Coach, a USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach, a VDOT O₂ Certified Distance Running Coach, and a proud member of Marathon Maniacs and ORCAS Open Water Swim Club.

Becca Lopez

Head Coach

Becca joined USA FIT in 2015 with the hopes to complete a half marathon. New to running, she found a fantastic community in the program and benefited from the expertise of the group. With the support of the USA FIT East Bay, Becca has gone on to complete several half marathons and her first marathon. Finding joy and a deep appreciation for running, Becca has set her sights on ultra distances. She looks forward to sharing her passion and helping others to keep moving forward.

Joy Chau

Head Coach

Joy trained with East Bay Fit (first known as Danville Fit) in 2004 for her first marathon, The San Francisco Marathon. Over the years she has served as an assistant coach, head coach, and co-organizer. Joy is a veteran of 9 marathons, including CIM, Big Sur and Boston. She has run numerous half marathons and other races and is proud to have been a Legacy Runner for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. She’s back this season as a coach for the half marathon group. Joy looks forward to sharing her love of running with others, supporting them in their journey to a marathon and half marathon finish, and having fun in the process.

Chris Stawski

Head Coach

Chris joined USA Fit East Bay in 2015. He grew up playing sports but didn’t find long distance running until he joined the group. Chris’ favorite distance is the half marathon and would love to run in all of the National Park races. What Chris likes most about running is getting outside, breathing the fresh air and, afterwards, enjoying a post-run beer.

Patti Montenegro

Assistant Coach

One of Patti’s goals was to run a half marathon so she joined USA Fit for the 2015 season. Being relatively new to running, she sought a program wherein there was accountability, consistency, motivation and most of all the guidance from seasoned coaches. Fast forward Patti has since run eight half marathons and numerous 10k and 5k races. Enjoying how running has enhanced her life, she would like to help others achieve their own goals by assisting in our training progams.

Michele Block

Assistant Coach

Michele returned to running (after a 15 year hiatus!) in 2015 while training to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.  After a successful summit to the roof of Africa, she joined USA Fit East Bay for the 2016 season with the goal of running a half marathon.  Though she had never completed more than a 3 mile run prior to joining the group, she met her goal and completed the 2016 San Francisco Half Marathon.  Michele attributes her running success to the coaches and fellow runners of USA Fit East Bay as she would not be where she is today without its great training program.  She is honored to again be an assistant coach for the 2019 season and she hopes to inspire runners out on the trails.

Ethan Knowlden

Assistant Coach

Ethan started running at age 40 just to get out of the house.  After being passed by a naked runner in Bay to Breakers he knew he had to improve his training.  For many years he trained solo, extending his distance but not improving his pace.  Ethan joined San Jose Fit while working in Silicon Valley and got faster.  He also discovered training with people made him enjoy running a lot more. A vet of 5 marathons and 10+ halfs, Ethan joined East Bay Fit in 2017.  He promises to bring enthusiasm, encouragement, and gels to every long training run.

Grant Guerra

Assistant Coach

Grant started running at the gym. Having tired of treadmills, he began to venture outdoors on the streets and trails around Danville. Running outdoors brought a new set of challenges, dealing with the weather and varying terrain. Gradually he built up his endurance and started running 10K’s and half marathons. He had been training on his own, and while he considered taking on a full marathon, he found that distance a bit daunting. He heard about USA Fit’s training program but was not sure it was the right fit for him. He found the weekly long runs with the coaches and fellow runners to be energizing and actually made the training easier. He has been with the program since 2008 and joined the coaching team five years ago.

Elaine Farrell

Assistant Coach

Elaine saw an advertisement for USA Fit East Bay while sitting on the couch one day and realized it was impossible to get exercise and be healthy without getting off the couch.  Taking the plunge, she signed up and has been running with USA Fit East Bay ever since.  With the help of this group, Elaine trained for her first half marathon in 2016 and went on to complete her first full marathon in 2018.  Along the way she’s made many rookie running mistakes, learned invaluable running tips, and most importantly, met many wonderful people and made lasting friendships.  Elaine is excited to train with you and the USA Fit East Bay team this season.

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