Vancouver Fit Sponsors

Vancouver FIT Sponsors

Our sponsors help Vancouver FIT to create the best training programs and experience for you! We thank them for all that they do for us!

USA FIT is excited to announce that PRO Compression is the  official compression sponsor for USA FIT. PRO Compression provides premium compression socks for all your favorite activities, whether that’s running, walking, hiking or working out at home. Their #1 best-selling sock, the Marathon, features true graduated compression rated at 20-30 mmHg. The Marathon socks help to increase blood flow and allow you to perform at your peak, recover faster and feel better.

USA FIT Discount: - As a USA FIT member, you are entitled to a 60% discount on socks except grab bags, mystery items and bundles.

Go to the USA FIT collection page on the Pro-Compression site: and enter the code USAFIT to apply your discount

Notes on the Marathon socks

  • Increases blood circulation using graduated compression technology

  • Compression rating of 20-30 mmHg

  • Helps to speed up the repair of broken down soft tissue allowing you to recover faster and get back to training sooner

  • Reduces swelling in the legs and ankles (an essential accessory when traveling!)

  • Reduces muscle soreness and fatigue

  • Reduces the development of varicose veins

  • Helps you feel more energized

Pro-Compression also carries Wide-Calf Marathon socks that offer graduated compression of 15-25 mmHg. They are designed to fit calves between 20”-24”.

When choosing a style, keep in mind that not all the Pro-Compression socks have compression.

  • The Trainer Low and No Show socks are not tested for a specific compression rating because they do not go up the calf. However, they do feature light compression for the feet. The PC Runner does not feature any compression at all, these are mostly known for being lightweight running socks with an ultra-soft feel.


  • The PC Lifestyle sock is meant to be more of an everyday crew sock with a very light touch of compression, making them feel firmer than your standard crew sock.

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